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5 December 2016

Winter layering

Winter layeringWinter layeringWinter layeringWinter layering

Cap – River Island
Turtleneck – Zara
Denim dress – River Island
Leather skirt – River Island
Coat – River Island
Shoes – Romwe.com
Bag – River Island
Jewellery – Goldtime

Winter layering is one of my favorite things to do, because you can layer in so many different ways. Today the most popular item to layer with is the turtleneck. You can layer it underneath EVERYTHING. This magical piece has absolutely been an essential to everyone for the past years and doesn’t seem to go out of style any time soon. Turtleneck just gets better and more interesting as time passes. There are additions like ruffles, sparkle, cut-outs, etc. The fabric has changed, the sleeves are more bolder and interesting. The same goes with the neckline, but the aesthetics still remain the same. It’s even gaining popularity in men’s fashion, if you find a guy brave enough to wear this style. Now that we have our layering basics, what’s next? Well whatever you can think of! I went for a denim dress, but it can be anything you desire, like a slip dress, tee shirt, blouse, top, pinafore, etc. And it doesn’t have to stop there – go for the turtleneck, a nice button down blouse and a nice structured cami top and see how it all looks paired together. I love it!

The panther print

Can you spot another trend in this look? The panther print! The panther print is taking the fashion world with a storm this season. You can literally find everything in this print. Tops, blouses, dresses, pants, shoes, accessories and the most popular of course, the jackets/coats. I believe I’ve seen a panther print coat in every store I’ve been in. And no wonder it’s so popular, it is pretty much a basic to have in your closet. This print may look wild and over the top but actually is treated as a neutral. It just goes with everything – every color and every style. You can pretty much say that the panther print is the equivalent of stripes. Some might say that the panther print looks cheap and even slutty in some cases but every good fashionista knows how to pick the right panther print and make it look classy and expensive.

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