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29 December 2016

Winter appropriate in checkered coat

Winter appropriate in checkered coatWinter appropriate in checkered coatWinter appropriate in checkered coatWinter appropriate in checkered coatWinter appropriate in checkered coat

Coat – Zaful
Hoodie – Primark
Belt – Romwe.com
Jeans – H&M (D.I.Y)
Loafers – Romwe.com
Fishnets – Primark

Checkered or checked pattern is mostly associated with either lumberjacks, Scotland or Christmas time. Seeing as it just was Christmas I thought I would dress accordingly and wore this red checkered coat from Zaful. I usually tend to stay away from this pattern but recently I’ve been loving red more than usual, especially when it comes in the form of clothing. You have seen me rocking red lipstick for years and years, so the next step has been cooperating it into to my outfits. Starting off small with shoes (pumps for summer) then moving on to tops and few other accents. But a red coat with a checkered pattern is a bolder move. Obviously there are more color versions of checkered but my preference goes out to the red and black version.

The styling

This coat on it’s own is already quite a statement and stands out with the color and print. So how do we style it? My favorite way to style red is with blue denim. Blue denim compliments red shades and gives it the relaxed look. For other option you can go for all black, although it can tend to look a little goth/punk. If red is too much for you then you can opt for the other versions. The checkered pattern is gaining more popularity so it’s a perfect time to tip your toe into this trend and try out a nice coat, suit or just a blazer. It doesn’t have to be in vibrant colors, it can also just be in neutral shades like beige or grey. To add some va va voom to your look, belt your coat or blazer from the waist and accentuate your curves. You can change your bulky winter fashion by adding a different belt every day on the same coat. Try it and I can assure you, you will like it!

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  1. Nii tuus look! Eriti fännan punast mantlit ja beeži karva, loooove!

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