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22 July 2015

White suit

White suitWhite suitWhite suitWhite suit

Blazer – H&M
T-shirt – Fivepoundtee.com
Trousers – Primark
Bag – Primark
Heels – NewYorker

Suits are IN and whether it’s a professional or personal requirement, there is a perfect suit for everyone – just mix and match stylish pieces together and get the most unique results you can think of! You don’t have to be scared of shoulder pads, bad tailoring or itchy stiff materials that used to describe a suit. Today it is all about a perfect fit and the most comfy materials you can think of. White – the perfect clean color. And this summer, for sure, everyone’s favorite to rock. And what can be better than a stylish white suit? While rocking white remember these tree words: attitude, tailored and accessories. White suit for winter? Then go for ecru or ivory white wools and other warm textile blends. For summer? Linen blends, cotton, rayon and micro-fibers are the perfect material choice. Top colors at the moment to work with while wearing white are camel, navy blue and red. And last but not least are some No-no’s while wearing a white suit. Make sure that your whites are not see-through. Don’t match your shoes, bag, belt and blouse or you will look like a ’50s woman caught in the Twilight Zone of fashion. Some complexions can be washed out while wearing white, especially if your skin is really fair. Avoid being washed out and choose for a top or accessory, like a scarf, to bring out your color. High five if you have a gorgeous tanned skin, this will mean you are going to look like a goddess in white!

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