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18 November 2015

That 70’s show

That 70's showThat 70's showThat 70's showThat 70's show

Sunglasses – The Sting
Leather jacket – Vintage
T-shirt – Primark
Jeans – Shein
Sneakers – Zara

70’s are still going strong. Flares, suede, bold prints, turtle necks, fringe, skinny scarves and bandanas – the list goes on and on. But how can we adapt this style into our wardrobe without going all crazy and looking like we escaped the real 70’s with a time machine? It’s actually pretty easy. What I tend to do, when I don’t really like the current fashion trend, but it’s all you can find in the stores, is picking out a few pieces that I like, that can be worked into my current wardrobe and style. You can start out with smaller pieces like accessories and then work your way up to clothing. For example try out turtlenecks. They are a perfect trend piece while we are heading towards the colder weather. You can top off your turtleneck style by tying a bandana scarf around your neck for extra warmth and it also works perfectly as an accessory. The best way to get your groove on with only one piece, that should be versatile enough to work with everything in your closet, is a good brown suede or leather coat or jacket. Brown suede was all over the runways and there are thousands of rip-offs in high-street stores, so it should be an easy find and also practical with cold weather. But be warned, you have to be extra careful when wearing suede, because rainy days are not it’s favorite.

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