‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

24 November 2016

Tallinn Fashion Week 2016 day 4

Last day finally came with tasty snacks and drinks! I had myself a glass of bubbly and the most delicious toast with caviar and salmon with dill paste. God, I can still taste it! For the sweet I munched on truffles, yum!

As for our last day please sit back for some eye candy for both sexes. And I mean really – eye candy! I’m getting hot just by writing this post, so be prepared!

Evening started with Kriss Soonik and her lingerie/lounge wear. Half naked models walked down the catwalk in beautiful sheer lace garments that were detailed with waist belts and flowy throw on’s. There was glitter, sequin, sparkle, polka dots and even bubble wrap. There was color and neutrals. And then there was a slumber party! Like really, a party with beautiful models dancing in their undies – I know right!

Tallinn Fashion Week 2016 day 4

Baltman: Born Fearless ended the fashion week with a lineup of handsome man styled to the perfection. There were tailored suits, coats and cargo pants styled with fedoras army boots and scarves. There were colorful socks and even army frills that need special mention. Let’s just say if a guy dresses in Baltman, you look twice and you will be mesmerized by the amount of handsomeness that shows in style. So let me just take a second to gasp for some air because too much handsomeness is happening on this page at the moment!

Tallinn Fashion Week 2016 day 4

That includes Tallinn Fashion Week for this season. I had a blast! There was a lot to love and a lot to crave for my ever growing closet. There were some misses and not that great pieces, but overall I give this entire experience a massive 10+! Can’t wait for my next fashion week and all the exciting new designers that Estonia has to offer.

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