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8 June 2016

Stuck in a rut

Stuck in a rut

Besides the fact that I’ve been gone for almost a month (including 2 weeks of an vacation in Estonia without working) I’ve been stuck in a serious style rut and it’s not even funny anymore. The last shoots I’ve done went straight to the bin because I feel like they are not blog worthy, in one word they were too BORING for my liking. And the more that goes wrong, the worse I feel about not posting anything. Sometimes it just happens that all motivation goes down hill and nothing works out in your favor. That’s why I thought it would be important to address this issue and write a post purely on how to get out of your style rut.

Let’s face it, we have all been there, in one way or another. If it wasn’t about style then it was a general feeling about life or what not. But how to get out of the rut then? Every day it’s the same old story “My closet is SOOOO BORING”, “I have nothing to wear!”, “I need a new style” and “I need to go shopping”- you get the point when you keep reaching for the same old t-shirt and jeans ugh…

Well instead of reaching for a pair of jeans go for a denim skirt. Skirts are as casual as jeans but add something new to your look and as a bonus it gives you a feminine shape. Instead of wearing sneakers opt for a pair of loafers. Loafers polish every look and are as easy and comfortable to wear as sneakers. Black is your favorite “color”? No! As much as we all love black go and break it up with some color. For example add a pop of color with accessories. A proper blazer can get too boring so it’s the perfect time to explore a wonderful world of bomber jackets. They are really versatile and can give a boost to any boring outfit.

But what if it’s not about the clothes you own? The boost you need might be about finding a new beauty routine. Switch up your lipstick color or play around with your hairstyle. Simple things like that can change the look so much. And maybe just by getting your hair done in a new way might spark the fire in your old t-shirt and jeans once again.

You could also try doing a closet swap with a friend. Simply go and swap some pieces and give new life to your friends old pieces that she might hate but you will love. You can also customize and vamp up your old clothes by adding some distressing or raw hems or even pins and patches to bring them back to life and up to current fashion trends.

Still not out of the rut? Go and layer your clothes, mix and match prints and patterns and find new ways to wear and pair your clothes. It’s all about taking risks and even playing dress up. Go strut your inner supermodel in front of the mirror and give yourself a good show. Play around with different accessories, layer them, mix them together and re-use the things you haven’t thought of for ages.

If all that hasn’t got you out of your rut just take a day off and re evaluate the situation you’re actually in. Just clear your head and take a look at the problem that really bugs you (if it’s your weight, dress accordingly to your body shape and that should give you whole new confidence to try out new things) or you just simply need to clear out your closet and restock it with the things you actually like and want to wear, that make you feel beautiful and confident. When purging the closet try not to have feelings for your clothes, be brutal and get rid of everything you don’t need/wear or are broken/permanently dirty. Go and donate your old clothes to a women shelters and other goodwill spots, that alone should give you a good feeling that you helped someone out.

And? Did it work? Are you out of your style rut?

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