‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

1 September 2015


Side Full Body StripesDouble Full Body StripesClose Up Bottom HalfFront Full Body StripesClose Bottom Half

Sunglasses – V&D
Denim shirt – Boyfriends
Striped tee – Newdress
Watch – Dressin
Skirt – SheIn
Bag – Newdress
Shoes – Mango

Stripes? Do I need to say more? The one and only, never disappointing pattern in the entire world. Stripes and denim? Just the perfect combo ever! Spice things up? Stripes, denim and leather with fringe. And yes, of course, trainers! Instantly IN LOVE! Oh, yeah that’s the tee from Newdress that I got (mentioned it in my last post) recently with a bargain price of course. Because you know me – I like a good deal. And who is looking for one always finds one! But enough of the blabla and back to business. Stripes is my new theme. No, not those stripes, not the prison theme. The classical striped tee of course! Striped tee is one of the biggest hits, next to perfect pair of skinny jeans and white button-down, that is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and NEVER goes out of style. It truly is the “neutral” of the print world because it just pairs together with everything that you would reach for in the closet. It just shows how versatile one shirt can be, if it literally matches with everything you own. So don’t even hesitate and go get one or even more striped tees. Because trust me, you’ll need one in your life.

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