‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

7 March 2016

Street chic

Street chicStreet chicStreet chicStreet chic

Hat – Ebay
Scarf – Primark
Coat – H&M
Top – Romwe
Sweater – Primark
Jeans – Zara
Shoes -Zara
Bag – Primark

Have you ever seen those effortlessly cool women on the streets that look so laid-back but yet put together? If, yes, and you wish that you could get that street chic look then hold on. Getting a street chic look is actually really easy! The key is matching sporty with classic chic items. For example take your classical fur coat and throw it over your jeans, or wear a bad ass leather jacket with an extremely feminine dress. The key is in mixing and matching and finding a right balance so that everything blends together like this would be the only way to wear this specific outfit. Don’t be afraid to pick out items that you think would never ever go together like dresses and sneakers or wearing ripped boyfriend jeans with heels. You can also have fun with layering and pair an over sized button up blouse with a slinky lace crop top over it. Also don’t be hesitant to wear accessories like a baseball cap or a rucksack, this only adds more interest to your look.

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