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7 October 2015

Statement pieces

Statement pieceStatement pieceStatement pieceStatement pieceStatement piece

Cap hat – H&M
Sunglasses – Zara
Sweater – SheIn
Skirt – Primark
Shoes – Primark
Bag – Zara

Statement pieces are one of my favorite things to own, and this sequin ice cream sweater is for sure one of them. And, yes, Jack (for those who don’t know who or what Jack is then here is a little update: Jack is my loyal cap hat) is also part of this look! When creating a statement look you can go with just one piece or you could go all out and mix more than one statement piece into one outfit. That’s exactly what I did by adding these incredible hart shaped green/blue lens sunglasses that worked perfectly with the sequin on my sweater. To carve out the look even more I added pops of neon orange into the mix. When creating an outstanding look you should always pay attention to your color scheme so that everything molds into a seamless whole. It also doesn’t hurt to use any kind of awesome props like balloons, bike, color bombs or what not. It all gives and adds to the final image. Now that you understand that an outfit can also be an art form just by doing all the right moves, I’m happy to pull the strings together to finish up this blog post.

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