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13 January 2016

Statement coat

Statement coatStatement coatStatement coatStatement coatStatement coat

Sunglasses – V&D
Blouse – Dresslink
Jeans – Zara
Sneakers – Primark
Bag – Rowe
Bag charm – H&M
Coat – Shein

Winter is such a dark and colorless cold season and we tend to dress accordingly wearing dark and quite depressing one shaded colors. Lets face it, it feels “wrong” to be all cheerful and colorful when everything is dark around you. But it doesn’t have to be all that serious and dark all the time. That is why a statement coat with bold blocked colors is a nice switch up from sad and colorless to “look at me!” colorful. A statement coat can be anything, starting from a fun print (stripes, pattern, flowers or a animal print) or an outstanding cut. And use details such as crazy textures, length, added zippers or buttons to finish off the look. When wearing one bold statement piece it is wise to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral and that’s exactly what I did this time by wearing a neutral white button up blouse (a must have in anyone’s wardrobe) and a nice comfy pair of boyfriend jeans (which also are a wardrobe staple). But you know me by now and I can’t be all that basic so I had to throw in even more color – like the statement coat wasn’t enough – by adding these crazy neon sneakers to the mix. It can be all too much to most people, but that is exactly what I love. Dare to mix things up, dare to be different and dare to stand out. You only live once so why not go all out there and show what you are made of and what makes you.. YOU. If you are interested in more outstanding statement outfits take a look at my previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE

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6 responses to “Statement coat”

  1. AR Zantkeren says:

    Love the coat it is beautiful and so are you! Great blog post…

  2. Kerstin says:

    For some reason I really have a thing for this coat. It’s absolutely lovely and suits you perfectly !!

    Love, Kerstin

  3. Cleo says:

    Oh dear! Your looks are amazing<3 So fashionable, love it!

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