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22 August 2016

Slip dress

Slip dressSlip dressSlip dressSlip dress

Top – Zara
Slip – Mango
Shoes – Mango

Slip dresses and in general dainty lace tops layered over shirts, blouses and other tops are one of my biggest loves of fashion for a long time now. There is just something so creative and so irresistible about this combination that I can not help myself but to come back to this style over and over again. When I saw this absolutely stunning wrap detail white slip dress with lace trimmings across the chest and bottom I was immediately sold – thank you Mango! I was even luckier to get my hands on it while it was on sale. I’ve been looking for a great moment to wear this slip dress already for a long time and now I finally decided to put together this look. Actually to be honest, just between the girls, this kind of makes me feel bridal *giggles*.

The look

As the slip on it’s own is kind of flashy I wanted to layer – obviously. The simple white t-shirt version has been done already so many times so I opted for a sky blue button down shirt with these gorgeous flecks on it that add some texture. To make sure this look won’t get too girly I added these beautiful flatform brogues with lets say air holes across the top of the shoe. Because they are cream colored, they work perfectly with the feminine outfit and make it very summer appropriate. And because I’m a short girl that little bit of height from flatforms is pretty much necessary, especially when I’m wearing a shorter dress. I am pretty sure that the layering over slip dresses and tops won’t go out of style anytime soon therefore I invite all of you to try out this wonderful way of layering.

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4 responses to “Slip dress”

  1. Holly White says:

    I love this sooooo much!

  2. Kertu Tenso says:

    You are so pretty!

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