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6 September 2016

Printed tee

Printed teePrinted teePrinted teePrinted teegiff

Sunglasses – Twinkledeals
Choker – Chokeonit.nl
Necklace – H&M
Watch – Twinkledeals
Tee – Romwe.com
Skirt – River Island
Shoes – Mango

Prints will never die, is it floral, geometric, aztec, stripes or even gingham – fashion just can’t get enough of it. The printed tee has always been on trend, either a band tee (most popular), a slogan tee or any other imagery. Just like with every trend piece there is always one certain print or item that becomes extremely fashionable and EVERYBODY needs a piece of it. Last year it was all about sports tees like NIKE or ADIDAS logo slapped across the chest.

Today it’s all about the THRASHER tees. So obviously I found myself a cheaper alternative from this tee, some might say it’s a taboo to get a knock off version, but honestly, knowing how fast fashion is I won’t be getting much use out of it paying full price. To be honest I actually prefer this fake tee over the original one (Yes, I know the original is made of better quality materials) because of the larger size print which makes it more unique in my opinion. But where do I get all those great cheap dupes you ask? My little secret is not really a secret if you know my obsession with Shein.com and Romwe.com. Both of them make amazing dupes for the biggest trend pieces of the moment. Yes, you can even find those Gucci loafers there that every fashion blogger has. Also they have a variety of Zara and Topshop items with a fraction of the price.

The look

I wanted to play around with the colors of the fire like print and paired it with the pink leather skirt that has snake print texture. I feel like oranges, yellows and pinks compliment each other really well. To go on with the color theme I also matched my accessories accordingly. My love goes out to the colored lens sunglasses that have been showing up more and more for past few years. Because the look isn’t complete with a perfect pair of shoes I had to roughen up by wearing the studded flatforms that give me the extra height and are comfortable at the same time.

Get the similar look:

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  1. See Riveri seeeeeeelik!! Hot as your T-shirt!

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