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12 December 2016

PJ’s for outerwear

PJ's for outerwearPJ's for outerwear PJ's for outerwear

Jewellery – Goldtime
Coat – River Island
PJ’s – River Island
Shoes – River Island
Turtleneck – Zara

PJ’s are classy girls sleepwear, but the classy girl of today not just only sleeps in her PJ’s but also takes them out on the street. Where did this crazy trend come from? Did we really just got so lazy that changing clothes when leaving the bed got to much of an effort? Or is it all about the comfort factor? What ever it was, today it is all acceptable, especially when you are in the fashion industry. And why not – if it looks cool, effortless, chic, comfy and easy all at the same time. If you do dare to wear this dramatic style make sure you do it right. There is nothing worse than a set of PJ’s that really do look like legit sleepwear. And if you wear a robe style coat and loafers or slippers with it, it honestly does look like you just made your way out of the bed. That is the look we do not want to achieve.

Here are some ways you can pull this crazy trend off. Firstly, let’s talk about materials. It’s really important to go for something that is not see through. Your best picks are satin and silk. Those materials instantly look more expensive and chic, which makes it more appropriate for streets. Next up we have the print. Print is really important because you don’t want anything that is too night time related like stars, moon etc. The best way to go is with solid colors or bigger bolder prints that don’t associate with nightwear. Next step is styling. Styling is the key in this case because this can make or break the look. Firstly your hair should be as sleek and well done as possible. You don’t want bed hair or messy bun that would indicate you slept in and ran out of the house. Makeup is also a great factor. Go for shoes that are more classy, like heels or nice boots (you could wear sneakers, but that’s a really specific style that most of us can’t pull off). Shoes, check, now let’s move up. Layering is a good idea at this point. Lacey tops might be on the riskier side but any sheer turtleneck or nice button up blouse or even frilled tops can work wonders. Go for a nice structured coat with bold lapels (anything waterfall or robe style won’t work here). The last step would be accessorizing. This is the part where you can really play off the finishing touches. Adding a nice detailed belt and beautiful stacked bracelets and earrings will elevate your look and will make sure that the look is complete. Now my question is, would you dare to take on this trend?

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