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15 April 2016



Bomber jacket – Perla Nera
Top – River Island
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Primark
Bag – Zara
Pom pom – Primark

Patches here, patches there, patches everywhere. Yes, patches are back, overwhelmingly back. Patches started to make their comeback more than a year ago but didn’t really succeed all that well. Last year there were only few stores where you could find patched items (mostly patched denim). Nowadays every store where you walk into you will find patches anywhere you look at. And on every clothing piece you can stick them on. It was fun at first but now I feel more and more suffocated by the amount of clothing you can buy with patches on them. I feel like they are everywhere and on every person passing me on the street. And the one thing I hate the most is looking like everyone else. However the trend is here and it looks like it’s well welcomed by most people. So this is me attempting to style this trend in my own way. My pick went out for the patched bomber jacket (another trend item that seems to be taking over the leather jackets). This is the easiest way to show off your patches. Just pick out one piece and style it accordingly while keeping it simple, because patches can be loud and take a lot of attention, that’s of course when you want to keep it toned down. However I feel like patched items are the best paired with other patched pieces to create the uniformed feel. Interested how to style a fully patched look? Then look at my last patched denim look HERE

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2 responses to “Patches”

  1. Maha says:

    I love how you took such a common fashion item and made it your own with this outfit. Love how the denim pairing is so unexpected with the bomber. Great look 🙂

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