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18 August 2016

Pajama top

Pajama topPajama topPajama topPajama topPajama top

Top – Zara
Pants – Zara
Shoes – Zara

The pajama trend has been going on for years now and I’ve always been really intrigued by it. Now that it’s more available in high street stores I finally snatched myself one to test out. I tried going for a more 70’s style because that’s where this trend originates mostly. Brown and other warm tones like mustard and orange are really iconic colors of the 70’s and the same goes for flower patterns and geometrical prints. Bold prints like that are usually not used for pajama type blouses – mostly they are just solid colors like black or white/cream, as pajamas tend to be. That was a reason why this blouse caught my eye more than the rest.

Wearing a pajama top can be difficult, mostly because you don’t really want to be seen out in your sleep wear. But I think when you choose for a print like floral it can be pulled off on the streets more easily. To accentuate the 70’s style even more I went for cropped flare navy blue trousers with an exposed front zipper detail. Small things like an exposed zipper can make such a huge style statement and add that funky element to your look. Flare trousers that are slightly cropped are great summer trousers that flow nicely and keep you cool during the warmer days. It also shows off the smallest part of your leg – your ankle.

To elevate my length I went for brown high chunky heels with strap details. It is important to know that cropped trousers, especially more looser ones, can make you look bigger and that’s why high heel is a great shoe option. The brown color ties seamlessly in with the brown based top and navy blues.
To finish off the 70’s style go for nice wavy hair or a sleek back ponytail.

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