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15 February 2016



All items from Zara
Pom-pom – Primark
Scarf – Primark

The more my bright pink hair fades to the beige pinkish shade, the more I notice myself leaning towards neutral shades of clothing. And why not, when neutrals are blasted all over the stores and the variations and selection are impeccable. Ever since Kanye West came out with his Yeezy season 2 neutrals have made a huge comeback and I for one am digging this new color palette that boosts up my dark wardrobe. Nude, beige, khaki, camel, blush and light pink are so elegant but still girly/feminine soft shades that brighten up the winter with moments of time. Although this color scheme can be tricky to wear you have to know what shade of neutral fits your complexion the best. The color range is huge so it won’t be that difficult to find out your perfect shade. Just make sure you won’t be washed out in what you are wearing. And don’t forget to play around with different textures when you choose for a more monochromatic look like I did, that makes sure your outfit has more depth and interest in it. When the monochromatic look is not for you, then compliment your neutral color piece with either white – for a more crisp look, black – for a more neutral and toned down look or navy – for a more sophisticated look.

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2 responses to “Neutrals”

  1. Sarah says:

    love this look – cool neutrals – perfect for spring

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