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22 March 2016

Mom jeans

Mom jeansMom jeansMom jeansMom jeansMom jeans

Jacket – Romwe
Shirt – Adidas
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – H&M

I love exploring different styles and making them my own. If you can’t commit to just one specific style, then playing around is the most fun you can have. Kind of like having dress up every day and who doesn’t like that? Picking what suits the best with your personal style defines who you are as a dresser #looklikeyou. Never settle for a style you don’t feel comfortable in – it will show. For picking out this outfit I felt like being this 80’s/90’s hip hop persona because I really wanted to rock my Adidas t-shirt with a huge old school logo slapped across the chest. Although it was more common to wear dungarees in the 90’s, it’s up to you if you want to be 100% literal with the dress code or not. That is why I went with relaxed fit mom jeans for extra comfort. Mom jeans are still IN and don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. They keep on changing in a slight way but the cut remains the same. This type of jeans might not be every ones cup of tea and might not look as flattering as some of the other jeans but if styled right and in a correct size you should be safe. Best way to style your mom jeans would be with a simple t-shirt and sneakers (preferably with converse) for the cool relaxed look. If you want to take it to a next level throw on a same colored denim jacket or a leather jacket. For a more feminine style you can style your mom jeans with any kind of heel shoe and a lace detailed top. Adding a tailored blazer and a skinny scarf completes the look. If a blazer is too fancy for your taste you can replace it with a leather jacket.

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