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24 August 2015

Mixing prints

Mixing printsMixing printsMixing printsMixing printsMixing prints

Hat – H&M
Sunglasses – Festival market
Bomber jacket – Romwe
Dress – H&M
Shoes – Nike
Bag – Zara

Oh, NO, the hat strikes once again! For the future reference lets call him “Jack”. Here’s Jack full frontal in my mixing prints and patterns look. If you are shy, don’t even..this look is screaming “LOOK AT ME!!!”. And, yes, THEY all did. Mixing prints is the next level fashion crime that keeps happening more and more. The more bolder the prints, the scarier it feels. I went all out and mixed flowers with cartoon doodles. Some might think – she crazyyyy. Well, maybe I am. But let’s be honest. Fashion is crazy. And I just love that crazy part of fashion. Now it’s time to get to the more informative part of this post. Firstly the most essential thing to remember when you’re mixing prints is that the prints should have at least one color in common. Repeating colors is the way to help prints complement each other instead of clashing. Colors can pull two completely different prints together and make them look like they were made for each other! Secondly pick out different sizes prints. That helps your look to be more focused instead of all over the place with a headache on a side (in my case all focus should go on my back piece). Thirdly try to separate your prints with a solid color. You could use a belt for that. Fourthly mix similar prints. For example, if you have a red and white polka dotted top, try pairing it with a black and white polka dotted skirt. Lastly mix bold prints with low-contrast patterns. To be honest, this list can go on and on, but that would get too complicated and long, that’s why I kept it to basics only. Oh, you want more? Okay, few more basics: Mix stripes with pattern (stripes can be called as neutrals in this case). Mix different animal prints. Mix polka dots with stripes or plaid. Mix black and white prints. Use accessories to ease into print mixing. Now go and have fun mixing your prints and patterns!

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