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6 August 2015

Mango Sales Picks


1 – Semiprecious stone necklace
2 – Mango panel sneakers
3 – Pocket shift dress
4 – Midi asymmetric dress
5 – Textured dress
6 – Strap dress
7 – Cord short jumpsuit
8 – Flared dress

As fast as the summer sales came, as fast the summer sales are almost already over. As the sales approached to an end I couldn’t help myself and made a cheeky online purchase from Mango. So, yes, I did go a little dress crazy. But who could blame me? I’m feeling like a bear after a long winter, whilst crawling out of the cave, and seeing the actual sun! I can’t believe it’s actually happening! And sure enough, my dress collection needed a good boost. As I was filling in my shopping basket with all the goods, I realized, it wasn’t all black and white as usual. There was actually some color! Maybe it was because of the excitement of summer finally arriving, but I love a little electric blue and orange every once in a while to boost my mood. No, I don’t need any more shoes – said no girl ever! That means a nice pair of sneakers just got added to my shopping list. Oops. I also picked out this cute silver necklace, because apparently I’m also lacking on a jewelry department. As you may have noticed, I’m not really the one to pile up on the bling. Enjoy my sales picks and of course, get your own, and stay tuned for some serious upcoming dress styling!

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