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17 September 2016

Layering sheer dress

Layering sheer dressLayering sheer dressLayering sheer dressLayering sheer dressLayering sheer dress

Dress – Stylewe
Tee – Romwe.com
Shoes – Romwe.com

This shoot is more over the top than my usual outfits. I wanted to try the editorial side of fashion photography. No idea if I actually managed to pull it off or not, but it was fun either way. My main goal was to create something different and play around with different styles, like street style mixed with urban vibes and editorial gowns. I went for the same flame tee i used in my last outfit post here because I thought it will show off the urban part of the look and it was also long enough to act as a dress on me. The layering part happened over the tee – usually it’s the other way around where you layer the slip dress over your top but because the dress I have is sheer I thought it would give a nice and interesting effect on my look and it would be more out of the box. The sheer dress has all this amazing 3D embroidery with butterflies and flower embellishments which adds so much extra interest and dimension. To pull off the mixed styling I added fishnet stockings for an added interest and finished off with platform ankle boots for a more tougher look. So how did I do? I’m quite pleased by the outcome, it’s different but it still feels like me. The dress made me feel beautiful and the added tee and boots gave me more of the relaxed feeling. So a happy medium I feel like. I’m also well aware of the fact that 95% of mankind would never leave the house dressed like this – maybe for Halloween or a theme party? but then again I’m not in the 95% of mankind. I’m that 5% of the weirdos who don’t care. Style is such a specific thing and we all have our own and mine happens to be more out there and as long as I feel confident it should be oke, right?

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