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1 November 2016

Kenzo x H&M

Kenzo x H&M

Making a post like this always gives me a lot of energy. I can show my creativity and show this little bit of uniqueness that lives inside of me. It’s no surprise that KENZO brings out more of my creativity. Just look at those unique outstanding colorful pieces. There is just no way to not be noticed in them. That’s why I call out to all of you colorful unique boys and girls that love the attention, to run to the stores of H&M on 3’rd of November when Kenzo launches his world wide limited edition collection together with H&M. Trust me you will want those amazing clothes in your wardrobe.

What I didn’t know before was that most of the items in this collection are reversible! That means you won’t be getting just one but TWO pieces!! How cool is that?! You can actually see two of those reversible pieces in my post – this amazing orange animal print dropped hem dress and the kimono like bomber jacket are both reversible. The jacket, when turned around is black with beautiful floral embroidery and the dress has black based geometrical patterned details. So for those days you don’t want 100% of the eyes on you but are okay with 50%, then you have the choice of turning them around. There is one more plus and that is that all the items are actually super warm and done in very durable fabrics. That means all of you who are scared of the cold weather (the way I am) are sure to stay warm while looking stylish to the max.

Now make sure that your alarm clocks are working and set on to the correct time because there’s only few days left till the items are available in stores and online all over the world. Remember this – you snooze, you lose! Trust me you don’t want to lose.

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