‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

11 April 2016

All about street style & fashion blogging

Last month I had the opportunity to write an article for our very own Estonian “wannabe magazine” (as they like to call it themselves) – KATALOOG. And as I am an wannabe myself it was of course meant to be all along. My article is about street style and fashion blogging, no wonder of course, because that is something right up my alley. So without further ado I would like to present to you my article!


Fashion is such a huge part of the 21st century and it’s getting more and more extravagant with every passing year. It’s no wonder that elements of today’s life, like music and art, add to the world of fashion in some level.

So how did it all began?

Imagine 1905, the streets of London, an amateur photographer named Edward Linley Sambourne picks up an after hours hobby taking pictures of stylish and well dressed women, most of the time without their own concession. What started with a one mans hobby quickly turned into a book, specifically an Japanese book named „Take Ivy“, published in 1965, which was exploring all about the Ivy League style. The book got so much recognition, that it was re-printed and published again in 2010. As time passes, the technology changes and Bill Cunningham becomes the first street style photography legend by capturing the street style of New York City.

After the foundation of street style was established, the photography started to shift more towards the extravagant and the shocking. The more unique and different – the better. And that’s exactly how Harajuku style in Tokyo got so successful and made an impact all over the world in 1997. 2004, the birth of „Look Book“ – a column for New York magazine that specializes and celebrates the street style from around the world. In 2005 the first street style blog was born.

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