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6 October 2016

How to wear the modern suit

The modern suitThe modern suitThe modern suitThe modern suit

Blazer – Romwe
Tee – H&M
Trousers – Zara
Shoes – Primark

A modern suit is appropriate in every environment. It can be worn to the office, for street wear or any other occasions. The limits are endless when going for the perfect suit. It can be easily dressed up or dressed down just by changing a few elements. The most easiest way to change the look is by accessorizing. For example, instead of wearing a belt on your trousers, you could change it up and move the belt over your blazer to accentuate your waist. Adding minimal jewelry gives your outfit a nice minimal look without being too overpowering with the masculine style what a suit can show. Go for an interesting bag – this can be your showstopper. Play around with the shoes. Shoes are the key to any outfit – they can either make your look relaxed, dressed up, sporty or playful. Obviously heels will give you the feminine look and make the suit more woman friendly. Going for sneakers or slip on shoes will give the relaxed sporty vibe which is very popular at the moment. Sporty shoes are literally everywhere and acceptable with any outfit imaginable. For more interesting and playful look go for a statement shoe – either something metallic, embroidered, studded or embellished.

Now that you are sorted out with the shoes and jewelry, it’s time to pick out a correct top. The same rules apply as with the shoes – a simple tee for a more casual¬†look and a dressier blouse for the more dressed up version. Now, an important thing is to play around with the neckline – that’s the only part that shows out under the blazer. Of course you can go for interesting handcuffs or statement sleeves for when you take off your blazer. What can be cuter then having a interesting sleeve detail popping out for some attention. What you need to know for the neckline is knowing what looks good on your shape. Going for a low neck or V-necks will make you appear slimmer. Adding ruffles on your bust area gives the illusion of a bigger chest.

Remember, a modern suit doesn’t have to be all black like the one I’m wearing. You can go with any color, pattern or print that speaks to you. Show your personality and play around with all the opportunities that are out there.

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