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12 December 2015

High waisted bikini

High waisted bikiniHigh waisted bikiniHigh waisted bikini High waisted bikini

Bikini – Dressin
Sunglasses – Zara

As I mentioned in my last post I will show some of the “outfits” from my Zanzibar trip. Even though you can’t really call it an outfit rather than just an bikini shot on the beach, I figured the bikini is stylish enough to show off in a blog post. I never thought I’d be a fan of high waisted bikini bottoms (especially because of all the cruel comments by people saying it looks like a “diaper”), but in this case I changed my mind. High waisted bikini’s have been rocking swimwear fashion already for several years and they don’t really seem to be going out of style. And I’ll tell you why – high waisted silhouette¬†emphasizes each and every beautiful curve, making it the most traditionally feminine bikini on the market. As I wanted to try out this style I opted to this bikini set and actually it looks pretty cool. Especially with the added bold text detailing. I wouldn’t really wear it for tanning purposes, because of the awful tanning lines it would create, but it looks amazing just to chill around in. This particular bikini set is from a really cheap knock off retailer but figuring as I don’t really wear bikinis that often (or ever) I’d give it a go. I did have to alter the top quite a lot and had it taken in, because it was just massive on me. And, yeah, the material is super thin too, so that’s not ideal either. Here you have it, the harsh truth about cheap clothes.. I’m still happy with it as a “fashion” bikini, even if it’s not 100% what I hoped for. But, hey, you get what you paid for, right?! You can also take a look how I styled this bikini for a colder weather HERE.

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