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13 June 2016

Happy week / day 1

Welcome to a special edition of what I will be calling “Happy week” created for one reason and one reason only – to make you happy. Happiness is not easy to achieve, but those who do achieve it are heroes in my eyes. Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that make you the happiest. For me happiness starts from within and with inner love. If you have that, then the rest is easy. And that’s why Happy Socks are the coolest socks in the world, they communicate a great message – to share happiness! So this week is all about me sharing happiness and creativity with Happy Socks. Every day a new pair and a new look.

Enjoy! xoxo

Happy week

Let’s start off the series with a lot of dots. Dots, just like stripes are basics in the world of patterns and what could be more fun than dots on socks in various happy colors? It’s pretty hard to walk around and look serious in these socks, am I right?

Happy week

Get the socks: HERE

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