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28 November 2016



Hat – Pull&Bear
Coat – GITA
Hoodie – Primark
Skirt – Zara
Shoes – Romwe.com

Makeup by Kat

My posts about Tallinn Fashion Week are all done but I still have one more related post for you.

If you know anything about Estonian upcoming designers or if you read my previous fashion week posts you may have already heard about GITA. She is the girl from Saaremaa who came and conquered Tallinn by opening Tallinn Fashion Week 2016. She was the one with the amazing furry “carpet” statement coats that weighed at least 10 kg per piece! I know it, because I tried some of them on. Well, lets just say my workout for the day was clearly done after wearing them! I loved her style so much that when I got the opportunity to shoot for her I was without a doubt willing to go for it. Even if it would be on the last day in Estonia before flying back home.

I had my own creative freedom to style her coats. Because of this freedom I wanted to try something more along the lines of street style vibes. Let’s be honest I didn’t have that many choices when it came to styling because of the fact I was only visiting Estonia with bag full of items, that were mostly worn for fashion week. I was gonna do whatever it took to make it work. Thankfully it wasn’t that surprising that the coat matched with almost everything I had with me. This coat is such an unique statement piece that it goes with pretty much everything you can think of. Usually it’s quite difficult to work with statement pieces and pair them with the rest because statement pieces are meant to stand out. So yes, it could’ve been a struggle but it worked out without any hiccups. I went for the all red look because it’s bold and also compliments the grey. I paired it with splashes of blue on my lips and with the beanie to break up all the red.

If you like to know more about GITA then go ahead and visit her Facebook page or view the video below of her show from TFW.

Get the similar look:

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