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8 April 2016

Fur trends

Fur trendsFur trendsFur trendsFur trendsFur trends

Hat – Ebay
Coat – H&M (via Depop)
Shirt – Adidas
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Primark

Fur. The one and only never out of style item. Fur is something that is was and always will be fashionable. There is this sudden ooze in a fur coat that makes an outfit stand out in it’s finest (not to forget that they are super warm). Fur coats can be styled with something simple as sneakers, jeans with a t-shirt or dressed up with heels and an evening dress. No matter the occasion, fur is always an appropriate way to go if styled correctly, unless of course when it’s boiling hot weather or when you will be attending a PETA conference. Surly I’m talking about fake fur. Real fur is not something I tend to turn to in obvious reasons (who really wants cute bunny’s to die in a purpose of being a coat? Exactly!). Fur coats along side fur collars and fur fluffs are one of the most popular fur trends for this season. Fur coats are pimped up with all kind of patchwork in different colors and shades. Same thing applies to the fur collars, the more colorful the better. And of course who can forget the countless numbers of furry fluffs hanging on the bags. The fluff popularity is probably the biggest out of all the other furs mentioned. However this is not all. The craziest trend involving fur has to be hands down the furry soles for your slippers. I for one, most likely, won’t be trying this trend out but I bet it would feel like walking on clouds. But hey, there is at least one or more crazy fur trends for each of us – isn’t there? and if that is furry soled slippers for you then rock on girl!

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