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31 October 2015

Fur coat

Fur coatFur coatFur coatFur coat Fur coat

Sunglasses – V&D
Fur coat – H&M
Swimsuit – Dressin
Mom jeans – H&M
Bag – Primark
Boots – Zara

It might not be every ones cup of tea to show off some underwear (in my case swimwear) action in their outfit, but by now you should already know that I’m no ordinary dresser. Once again it’s one of the all black outfits that I’ve been leaning towards to in these grey Autumn days. Read one of my previous posts and get more tips about dressing in all black. As it gets colder the fur coats come out from my deepest darkest closet corners. Fur and leather are for sure the best ways to keep warm and look stylish at the same time. To keep things even more interesting showing some skin underneath the massive fur coat is not that bad of an idea. And even more so if you do it in a funky way like wearing your favorite high waisted bikini set with interesting text or print on it. To make your fur coat more casual and rougher, go for ripped denim or leather pants and add some cool boots to the mix.

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