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4 April 2016

From homewear to outerwear

From home wear to outerwearFrom home wear to outerwearFrom home wear to outerwearFrom home wear to outerwearFrom home wear to outerwearFrom home wear to outerwear

Jacket – Shein
Sweatsuit – H&M
Boots – H&M

Have you ever felt so lazy and uninspired that all you want to do is to just throw on some sweatpants and a sweater and run out of the door without thinking it’s not a stylish or appropriate outfit for the public eye? Well, if you are one of those people then this outfit might be something for you – the matching sweatsuit. Matching sets and even sweatsuits are a new way to go. It can’t get any more comfy than that. Without the panic of “what to wear?” and tossing items piece by piece aside “that ain’t comfy enough” times are over. As comfy as they are worn inside your home they can be transformed to an appropriate and stylish outfit for outside. Avoiding not getting too “going to the gym” try not to wear sneakers. However, when styled in a right way they can work well. My advice would be a nice neutral pair of lace up boots. However if you feel dressy, a nice pair of strapped heels can be a nice touch with a nice fitted sweatsuit. For the upper part a duster coat or a long line jacket is the best option. A longer jacket or even a waistcoat makes sure that your frame looks slimmer and longer, because sweatsuits might look too baggy on their on. If that’s not for you then a leather jacket would do the job as well, in this case make sure your sweatsuit is fitted.

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