‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

12 September 2016

Flared sleeves


Blouse – Shein
Jeans – Zara (D.I.Y)
Round earrings – Twinkledeals
U-shape earrings – Twinkledeals

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a perfect look – a pair of relaxed jeans and a white blouse – the epiphany of a classical relaxed look. Playing around with some of those key pieces can turn out to be an interesting look. For example an old pair of jeans in your closet. No matter how old and unworn for years, you can put new life in them. Just by customizing and tweaking them here and there can make a world of a difference. Today’s fashion is all about the rips, patches and raw hems, different shades and finishes – take that reference and run with it. There are so many ways how jeans can be different and have an character that fits with your personality. Same goes with a classical white blouse. There are so many different styles you can choose from. Think outside the box and go for extremely flared sleeves that get anyone’s attention from far away. Play with the neckline and go for an off the shoulder top. Shoulders are sexy and make your look more interesting. Tuck in your blouse, either all the way or just the front – you’ll instantly get the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Try out different button down shirts and play around with the collar and sleeves, roll them, fold them, scrunch them. Close the buttons differently – just button up the very first button and leave the rest open (wear a nice body-con top underneath) or close them all and leave the lower ones open and tie up the ends. Cris cross the front and fold in the collar. You can even wear your shirt backwards. For trend moments go for frills and lace details, pussy bows are a thing again and don’t forget to layer, layer, layer. Fashion is never boring if you try out different ways to make it more interesting.

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