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10 November 2016

My first real blogger experience

If someone had asked me a year ago where would you be with your blog, I would have probably said the same place most likely. Well, that would have been a lie. I never ever would have thought I’d be sitting in the front row of Tallinn fashion week wearing a designer outfit with a personalized invitation. Next to the faces I’ve been seeing on TV/media and the bloggers I’ve been looking up to. Well that actually happened! So where do I start?

My first real blogger experience

First show of TFW

I was missing in action for few weeks as you may have noticed (mostly because I’m not that tech-savvy out of my comfort zone) and the reason was a vacation to Estonia. It all started with some thoughts in my mind of going to Estonia to see my family and friends while Fashion Week is happening and maybe see a show or two. But that escalated quickly to a full blown work (blogging) trip. At first I got an email from H&M Estonia asking if I’d like to wear the Kenzo and H&M collection during Fashion Week (duh, of course!). That was kind of the indicator to start packing my bags and get those plane tickets already. Two days before my flight I received another email from Tallinn Fashion Week titled “INVITATION”, which with one word said that I’m invited to all the shows at TFW! I actually had to read this email about 10 times and ask around if it ACTUALLY meant that I am invited to something that huge! Well they all said YES! Now that meant obviously some extra packing and last moment panicking because of what to wear for each day. If that wasn’t enough, I got contacted by our very own Zenja Fokin (Estonian celebrity) asking if I want to work with him for Sif Jakobs Jewellery *screams*. And to top it all off I found out that I was featured in a new Estonian magazine named SÄDE as a top 8 best Instagram feeds. Like honestly WHAT IS HAPPENING?! This all just blows my mind and I actually want to cry from happiness because my hard work is starting to pay off!

My first real blogger experience

Me and Zenja Fokin in TFW day 3

Moving forward, meanwhile in Estonia… so my first ever showroom visit was to H&M (something that bloggers do all the time), I was scared and nervous. Didn’t know what to expect. There I was seeing Kenzo and H&M collection for the very first time with my own eyes and picking out my outfit for the TFW *shivers*. My first experience as a proper blogger was behind me, now on to the next one – Tallinn Fashion Week. Walking into the Kultuurikatel, the first person I see is of course Aljona Eesmaa (who is one of the most well known fashion bloggers in Estonia). Obviously my initial reaction was to just grab my boyfriend and tell him “LOOOK, it’s Aljona!”. Things just started escalating after this. By the end of the first show I was surrounded by all the famous faces who were all talking to me and loving my work, plus all the press and photos that were taken of me – I felt like a “celebrity”. It was all just so overwhelming and felt so incredibly surreal.

My first real blogger experience

Me, Aljona Eesmaa and Zenja Fokin first day of TFW

My first real blogger experience

Me and Zenja Fokin checking out Sif Jakobs Jewellery on TFW

On the second day I calmed down and was not that anxious as I was on the first day. Everyone already greeted me, I made friends and I felt like I was part of the blogging society. Until, wait for it, the TV3 newscast approached me for an interview! Check it out below. That’s all about my experiences as a new blogger at TFW. All that’s left is to talk about the designers that showed their amazing designs which I will do in my upcoming blog posts.

My 18 seconds of fame for TV3 news (in Estonian).

The days after TFW weren’t calm either. I had a shoot for the Kenzo and H&M collection which you already have seen if you follow my blog (here and here). I also had a shoot for GITA who was a opening designer for TFW and with Zenja Fokin in collaboration with River Island and Goldtime. My trip was ended with my very first press day for Supermood. All blog posts will be coming soon!


Makeup for KENZO and H&M shoot by Make-up by KAT

My first real blogger experience

Press day for Supermood with Zenja Fokin

So, that was a lengthy post filled with my first real blogger experiences. I still can’t believe that with only 10 days I managed to do so much fun new things, meet so many new people, appear on national TV and in different magazines. I can’t wait to see what’s up for me next and how much more I can experience in this blogging world. I’m really appreciative to everyone who welcomed me with open arms and gave me a chance to be seen. Thank you!

My first real blogger experience

Meeting new friends Liisa and Triinu

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