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19 January 2016

Fashion week #MBFWA

Fashion week

Photos by: Mirjam Albers from AmsterdamStyleHunter

Sooo.. where to start? This Saturday was a very special one for me. Why? Well, I attended my first ever fashion week and boy how am I happy about it! I went into it by not knowing what to expect, and thank God, because it was all really overwhelming. As like with any other girl it all started out by planning the perfect outfit to wear. Took me a week of course, narrowing outfits down to find THE PERFECT ONE. And surely we can’t neglect the hair and therefore the new short pink hairdo. Kudos to the lovely girls at Tony & Guy Den Haag who gave me this great new style. After all the preparations I was kind of ready for my big day.

As I arrived at the MBFWA location I was immediately surrounded by street style photographers wanting to photograph my look (I kind of felt like a superstar trying to keep my cool). Once inside it started to feel all too real with all the fashionistas around me – it felt like home. Time for my first show! Monique Collignon Couture Light – honestly, not my favorite one, but still worth the experience. Her style is very feminine and timeless and loved by the biggest starts in the Netherlands. At this show we saw a lot of tailored suits, ruffles, pussy-bows, leather, fur, faded tip dye effects and flower detailing. Color palette was very neutral with autumnal shades. First show done, one more to go! An hour to wait and staring away to all the fashionable people.

Time for the second show – Duran Lantink & Jan Hoek. As soon as I stepped into the show area I knew this was going to be something special, and I was right. The dimmed red lights, the cave like dark feeling with piles of clothing on the floor, the bass of the music so loud that you can feel it within, the mystery of what’s to come. As soon as the lights went out and the first model walked on to the catwalk I had chills all over my body. By the end of the show I was so overwhelmed with all the feelings I was about to cry! It was insane! The show was about the South African transgenders from the streets of Cape Town and their ability of turning the most hideous clothing into a beautiful piece of art and fashion. Everything in the show starting from the shockingly strong photographs blasted on the wall in front of the catwalk, the quotes of the women, the amazing moving installation stages moved by the models walking down the catwalk accompanied with the moving art show, ending with the best show music and the crazy cool models…there are no words to explain what was happening all at once…it was all so…EPIC! The audience was just loving every moment of the show, the smiles, the clapping, the screaming – it was all so surreal. That was a true show, the true art mixed with fashion, with a strong message behind it. Sadly this was also my last show but, it’s OK, because the experience of the whole day was amazing. As I left, it also started to snow, the first snow of the year! Can it get any more special than that? A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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