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13 October 2016

Adorned shoes – Fall fashion trends 2016

Adorned shoes – super fun for the fall. Shoes are getting more and more attention from designers. The black/brown ankle boot is history. Ok, that’s a lie, it’s not, but shoes have opt their game big time. Think about studs, embroidery, embellishments, pearls, beads, chains etc. What ever you can do to make your shoe stand out, it has been done. Shoes are the new statement piece and focal point of your outfit. Dress them up or dress them down and let your shoes do the talking for your outfit.

Adorned shoes

Starting off with all the colors in the rainbow. It’s not only about one solid color anymore, it can be a mix of different colors. And not only colors are the focal point, it’s also the material that gets a lot of attention. Your shoes can be high sheen and glossy or even have textures like fur or crock print and it doesn’t stop there – you can also have glitter shoes! Now let’s move on to the add-ons like studs, embellishments, pearls, beads and chains. The bolder and more out there the better. The biggest trend for the moment has to be the embroidered shoe, that’s for sure and I can’t deny they do look pretty awesome. If it ain’t the fabric or add-ons that are highlighted, then the heel is doing the talking. I know, you heard it right even the heel of your shoe got a makeover. It’s not just a block of something too add length anymore, it’s an art piece on its own. Carved out from metal or even perspex, your heel has never looked more outstanding. Dipped into glitter. pearls or beads gives any shoe a party outfit.

* All shoes shown are picked out from ASOS.com

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