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21 September 2016

Dressing casual

Dressing casualDressing casualDressing casualDressing casualDressing casualDressing casual

Jacket – Romwe
Sunglasses – Twinkledeals
Tee – Bershka
Jeans – Zara (D.I.Y)
Shoes – Zara

Seeing as my last post was very hefty and filled with maximum amount of personal style, I figured it was time to try something else. As important that it is for me to stand out and stay true to my style it is also important to feel comfortable and sometimes I just want to be casual. Casual is not something I do that often because quite frankly it kind of feels boring to me. Don’t get me wrong I do like a casual look on others. I love the minimalistic style and comfort. And I enjoy seeing other people rocking this style. But let’s be honest as soon as I throw on completely casual look I feel totally lost in myself. And that’s why I bring you this look – Pilleriin’s attempt to be casual.

The look

Going for an all Canadian tux with denim jacket and jeans, mixing them with a classical white printed tee and spicing things up with a golden strappy block heels. Feels like me? Almost. Let’s just add some funky 80’s curls to my hair and I think we are set. Jeans are the epiphany of a casual look and going double denim means double casual, hell with the double, lets go triple casual with a basic white tee! Metallics are the IT trend for this season and I love to mix bit of trends to my personal style. Shoes are a nice way to play around with your outfit and change the feeling of it. As the sneakers would be the ultimate comfort choice for this casual look I didn’t want to be too obvious and went for a heel. Because the heel is not that high and has a sturdy block heel, it’s almost as good and as comfortable as heels can get. And I can’t say no to a statement heel like that.

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  1. Aaaah, loooove! Tahan ise selles särgis ja jakis ringi patseerida!

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