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13 May 2016

The color combo

The color comboThe color comboThe color comboThe color comboThe color comboThe color combo

Hat – H&M
Jacket – Vintage via Depop
Dress – Mango
Socks – Happy Socks
Boots – Zara

If you like colors then I have great¬†news for you. The color combo of the summer – red, blue and white. Next to the Pantone colors of the year – pink and light blue – these three colors take over the summer. I for one love the combination of the complimentary colors such as electric blue and bright red. What better way to show off these colors than with slip dresses. Slip dresses have been making a comeback for years now, although slips are more related with nightwear, there are so many ways you can transform your sexy nightie with lace details to be day time appropriate. You can throw a slip dress over a t-shirt or even a high neck sweater and get away with it. There is also a new trend that I’ve been loving for a long time and that’s throwing a dress (in this case a slip dress) over your jeans. This may sound weird for some but I think it’s an brilliant way to spice up your outfit and give it a more interesting/casual look. If you want, then you can just wear a slip dress paired with a long line light coat and keep it covered that way. For shoes – everything goes, boots, sneakers, heels etc. – what ever suits you the best or with what you feel the most comfortable in. Quick side note about the jacket – varsity jackets just like bomber jackets are pretty awesome. This bulked up jacket gives “baddie” vibes like no other and the bold color red with a white text slapped across the chest brings everything together. BTW did you notice the socks? Happy days are ahead, so keep your eyes open for one of my greatest projects coming up featuring Happy Socks! Can’t wait!

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6 responses to “The color combo”

  1. Holly White says:

    Pilleriin I love this outfit so much! You babe! Xx

  2. Jane says:

    Love the colours in this post! Gorgeous!

  3. Eva says:

    If you feel like it, let’s shoot someday! xx Eva

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