‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

19 October 2015



Sunglasses – V&D
Waistcoat – Cndirect
Co-ord – Forever21
Shoes – River Island
Purse – Cndirect

Co-ord, two-piece set or matching set – what ever you like to call it. My love for co-ords has been going on for so long now that it’s hard to remember when it actually started. Co-ords are a must have in my fashion book. The variation of outfits that you can create with one single set are limitless. There are so many different variations of co-ords out there: trousers and tops, culottes and crop tops, skirts and shirts, shorts and blouses – the list goes on and on. Pair the bottoms separately or the tops on their own or just wear them together. How often have you struggled in front of your closet, staring at your wardrobe with your head totally empty of ideas and the frustration sneaking in? Bet it happens more often than you want to admit, and that’s where the co-ord comes in handy – it’s quick, requires very little thought, it’s easy, involves minimal effort, and most likely will look super stylish. So perfect for lazy days or when you are running late. Co-ords are everywhere so it’s not that difficult to find your perfect matching set. The key to picking out a co-ord set that you will get the most wear out of is choosing a print or color that is fun and unique, but also simple and versatile enough that it will match other clothing items in your wardrobe. When buying a co-ord be sure to like both pieces in the set, so that you will get the most wear out of it.  Remember there is no such thing as too “matchy matchy” when it comes to wearing a co-ord. That has been all for today’s post and I wish all of you happy co-ordinating!

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