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18 December 2015

Christmas party guide

Christmas is getting closer and closer and so are all the Christmas parties. Do you find your self struggling and inspiration-less with what to wear and need ideas or tips? Here is a last minute Christmas party guide. Hopefully it will help some of you and give you ideas what to wear on this festive time of the year.
All these tips and outfits can also be worn for a New Year’s party.


Christmas party guide

If you love trends then here is something for you – metallics. Metallics have been all over the place for the past few years and are perfect for the party season. Metallics make sure that your outfit won’t be boring and stands out even when you lack on the jewelry department. Choose a sparkly metallic dress and pair it with a pair of thigh high heels for more coverage and warmth. Thigh high heels are perfect paired with shorter dresses and skirts and they are very IN at the moment. To finish up the outfit you could wear a long coat or a poncho. This outfit is meant to stand out and there will be no chance of being a wallflower.

Christmas party guide

Gold is one of the most daring picks when it comes to Christmas party dressing. You are bound to stand out! So if you are a show pony and like all the attention this look is certainly for you! There are few things that you can keep in mind while dressing in gold. Firstly never over accessorize. Gold is such a statement color and sparkles on its own, so it doesn’t need any extras. Pick out few accessories that may even dress down your outfit a little. Secondly you can add extra tones and dress down the sparkle by adding white and black pieces to your look. A white blazer/cape with satin lapels is a perfect choice. It adds enough sophistication to your look and makes it edgy at the same time. If you pick a top that shows more skin than you like you can make it more modest by adding a skinny scarf to the mix. Skinny scarves can act like necklaces and tone down your whole look if needed.

Christmas party guide

Anyone who loves color and Christmas knows that red is the perfect color during the holidays. What could be more Christmassy than a bold red jumpsuit accessorized with green and gold jewelry? Right!? The jumpsuit is a great alternative for dresses and when you can’t be bothered to think what to wear, not to forget it’s super stylish and comfortable (unless you need to go to the toilet). Adding some sparkle with green and gold takes your outfit to the next level and gives an extra boost to red. Pair your jumpsuit with red heels and a wine colored fur coat and you are one outstanding Christmas party attendant.

Christmas party guide

All of you black lovers out there, this is for you! Black is certainly not the color of Christmas, but don’t worry, there is still a way to rock your blacks on the festive season. Choose the items with embellished and glittered textiles. This makes your outfit instantly more festive and party appropriate. If your style is more funky, try out statement pieces and pick out androgynous and bulky accessories like a golden watch. For more subtle style option you could try an embellished top and simple satin trousers with pleats. You could even go for a sparkly little black dress if you have a inner diva in you. While you go all black I strongly suggest a bold lip that makes the look stand out and gives that little pop of color. In conclusion just add some sparkle either in your textile choice or with your accessories (bag, shoes, jewellery).

*All shown Christmas party guide items in this post are from H&M online.

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  1. Diana says:

    OMG, I love this post! The outfits are exactly my style! Could you please tell me, dear, what app did you use to make these incredible collages? You are amazing!



    • I’m so glad you loved this post! It took me so much effort and time, it’s nice it didn’t get unnoticed! The collages I made are my own drawings so no apps were used to make them…just old fashioned art 🙂 xx

  2. Magna says:

    Geweldige illustraties!!

    Xx Magna

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