‘Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style’

29 July 2016



Top – Zaful
Pants – Mango
Shoes – Zara
Choker – Chokeonit.nl

I’ve talked about all kinds of trends regarding this look. For example trends like the off the shoulder tops, nudes, neutrals and culottes. Clicking on the links will open the posts in a new tab so you can read them later! Let’s continue..


Chokers have been in for years now. This trend started out with the plastic tattoo chokers (you remember those from the 90’s) and moved on to thin strings with a charm and then to velvet chokers. This year the choker trend went up a level and changed the color variation from simple black to brighter and more vibrant colors. Strings got longer and more interesting with metal tips. Materials turned more feminine such as to lace and even embroidery. I’ve never really been a accessories kind of gal but the choker trend is something I’ve been getting more into than the rest. I especially love the lace trend chokers that can elevate your look in so many ways. One simple choker can change up your look in so many ways and give so many different variations to your look. The greatest thing about chokers is that they are everywhere and most of all they are really affordable. For more handy people with a creative mind, making their own chokers can be an easy task. Choker material is easy to find all over craft and fabric stores, and the possibilities are endless. As long as you can place a hook behind something, it can already act as a choker. You can even take a shoelace from these snake print heels that I’m wearing and tie them around your neck and have one of the coolest neck accessories. Just be creative and think outside the box and everything can become an accessory. That’s what I love about the human mind – everything is possible!

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2 responses to “Chokers”

  1. I am obsessed with chokers! I am not a huge accessories person either but I do love a good choker! I’ve just bought a really chunky one that I can’t wait to style up! I want to start making my own too <3

    • I also ordered a bunch more few days ago, lets hope they work out nicely! And you totally should make your own, I bet they would look great and the best part of it – unique 🙂

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