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5 February 2016

Cheap online stores



Both shirts are from Sammydress. HERE & HERE

I bet all of you have come across one or two online stores where the prices are ridiculously cheap and you just can’t seem to understand how a winter coat can only be around twenty something dollars. As my blog mainly covers cheap affordable fashion, means I come across many kinds of cheap online stores. So I thought it could be helpful to some of you to write down a few tips and insights of these online stores.

The reason I’m writing this post right now is because of one of the cheapest online stores I’ve come across  – Sammydress. I purchased a few things from their site to see what’s the deal and if it’s worth the time and money. Yes, the prices were shockingly low and the selection of things was huge (however not in my taste – I did manage to find few items that I liked). The shipping took quite long and a few items went out of stock while waiting for my order to process, so I had to re-order. That whole ordering process was pretty off putting (I did however have a chat with a nice lady that assisted me with my purchase). Once I finally received my parcel I was pleasantly surprised. Indeed there had to be at least one top between that did not look anything like I thought it would and didn’t do any justice on me so that was a no go. Also there had to be something that was way too big on me but that was a easy fix. Besides these miss buys, I was actually happy with my order. OK, yes there was a thread or two loose but hey-hoo, where are my scissors! I ain’t that fuzzy about a few threads.

My main online stores to purchase clothing are Shein and Romwe, but these are more pricey than for example extremely low priced ones like Sammydress, Dresslink, Dressin and Newdress where I have purchased some items as well. The cheapest one of them being Sammydress, makes you think and ask yourself questions such as do I really dare to order something that cheap? Are the pictures accurate? Is this a hoax? What is the catch, etc.?

Here are my online shopping tips:
Firstly let me start by saying that most of the cheap online stores are based in China. Most online stores based in China sell the same products, so my advise is to go and search for the cheapest one. Be aware of the sizing. Chinese sizes tend to fit 1-2 sizes smaller. So do check the given measurements. If the item says one size it can be either very small or way too big on you (check the measurements!) Also for dresses and skirts be aware of the length. Most of the dresses online can be super short even for someone as short as myself.

Now that we have covered the sizing lets talk about the fit. Make sure to look at the images added to the product. Your best way of finding out the fit is to see added images by other customers. Which brings me to the next tip: always look at the customer reviews and added images. It’s highly possible that the images presented by the product are not the true images of the actual product you are going to order. Clients that have ordered the product (and are not happy with it) will most likely comment in a review box. Same with the happy clients. My next tip is to read the description of the product. The material and the season, etc. Sometimes the material on the images looks thick and nice but in real it can be very thin and not appropriate for the season you thought it is.

It’s time to look further into ordering and the paying options. It’s always the best to pay with your credit card or PayPal. Then there will always be the guarantee of getting your money back. In my case I always make a screenshot after I hit pay to make sure everything is legit and if there is any problems later on I have a proof of payment (in case you don’t receive the payment conformation). Be aware of the taxes and shipping fees. Even when your order basket says the total is 20 dollars you still might get an added bonus of shipping fees to your payment and that can go up to two or tree times higher that your original amount was. I have had several moments of “OMG! It’s so cheap!!!” screams till I see the shipping fees and cancel my entire order. So my suggestion is to search for free shipping sites. You can also find codes to get the price lower or wait for the special offers. Quite often there are codes that give you a high discount off of your first order when you join the site. Now that you have placed your order it’s time for the second part. Waiting. Usually shipments from China take around a month to arrive but it can take longer. If waiting for a long time is not your forte I would suggest to get express shipping but that also comes with a price. So you finally received your order and it can go both ways – you are satisfied with what you got knowing the price you payed or you are going to be disappointed by the quality, fit or what not. That’s the gamble you have to take when ordering from cheap online stores. Not happy with what you got? Make sure to read the return and exchange policy before you order!

So in conclusion I do say it is worth a try to order from cheap online stores and you can find true gems in between, but it can also be a total fail. So do your research before you place your order.

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