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4 July 2016

Casually dressed up

Casually dressed upCasually dressed upCasually dressed upCasually dressed upCasually dressed up

Top – Zara
Dungarees – Romwe
Shoes – Romwe

To dress up or to dress down, that is the question. Well, not really, but let’s pretend it is. One of my favorite ways to dress is mixing dressed up pieces together with more casual pieces and create this happy medium of both styles. And what do you know it’s all very easy! Pick out your favorite dressy item. For example those nice pair of lace up shoes you just got, but don’t know how to wear them without being too dressed up? Or that great new Chanel lookalike bag. Now that you have your dressy item picked out, start working around it. The trick is to work with a few items that are on a dressier side and pair them with more casual pieces. Accessories like jewellery, shoes, belts and bags are a good way to add small amounts of sass to your look. Now add pieces that are more relaxed or casual like cotton t-shirts, a leather jacket, any denim item or even sweatshirt/pants. Just make sure it’s all cohesive – don’t just slack on a tracksuit and finish it off with your Chanel bag. That’s not really a good look.

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Layer a t-shirt under your sleeveless summer dress and put on a cap accompanied with cute beach waves. Or throw on a pair of kick ass sneakers and make your summer dress stand out in a whole new way. Never forget – EVERYTHING goes when it comes to fashion. You can create the coolest outfits by wearing items that necessarily don’t go together as long as you wear it with confidence. So don’t hold back when pairing items that you might think “should I..?”

You can also check out some of my previous post where I’ve vaguely talked about dressing down and dressing up. I’ve also covered dungarees style and summer shoe styles along side with frilled tops.

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  1. Mari-Liis says:

    See topp! Iluuuuus!

  2. Lucy Jane says:

    These shoes are everything!! So happy I’ve just found your blog!
    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

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