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23 October 2015

Black on black

Black on blackBlack on blackBlack on blackBlack on blackBlack on black

Hat – H&M (D.I.Y)
Sunglasses – V&D
Jacket – Cndirect
Top – Primark
Leather pants – Zara
Bag – Primark
Trainers – Mango

Dressing in all black is for sure one of my favorite ways to go. It’s easy, simple and classic. But how to do it right? I have briefly written about it in one of my blog posts before. The key points for dressing in a one shade outfit are details, textures, shades, materials and layering. When you master how to choose an outfit based on one color, you can rock this style all the time. Pay attention to all the details – they can make or break your outfit. Zippers, pockets, buttons and even stitching on your garment are vital in this case. This gives your outfit different dimension and interest. Work with different materials, such as leather, fur, wool, suede, chiffon, cotton, denim, etc. This makes sure your outfit won’t blend into being one big black blob. Pairing tough leather or denim with more feminine materials like wool or chiffon is always a good option. Pick out different hems (raw hem finishes are so IN at the moment) or go for high-low tops or jackets, that makes sure your outfit has more movement in it. Accessorize by adding different metals or even pops of color to your black on black outfit. Do you still think black on black outfit is only for emo’s or rockers? Well, if you do, I’m sorry, but you are missing out. The all black outfit is one of the classiest and fashionable ways to dress.

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