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8 December 2015

Biker style

Biker style Biker style Biker style Biker style Biker style

Sunglasses – V&D
Shirt – Primark
Patched leather jacket – Romwe
Checked button up – H&M
High waisted denim – Bershka
Boots – Zara
Bag – Romwe

Patches, pins, studs, leather, denim, bandanas, tattoos, piercings and a whole lot of attitude. Intimidated? Don’t be, it’s all part of the fun. Although I am scared of speed and motorcycles, it all still intrigues me, and the biker style is for sure one of my favorite styles to dress up in. I’m just a huge sucker what comes to wearing leather (a perfectly fitted leather jacket is a wardrobe staple in anyone’s closet!) and I love the attitude and the feeling of power and fearlessness this look gives to anyone who is wearing it. Biker chic style is coming back for the fall time and has a revamp with new youthful take with additional zippers, fur accents, metallic hardware and over sized cuts. It’s such a “cool girl on the go” style. I absolutely love the way this trend has become a main-stream standard, and it can be combined so easily with our everyday styles and can be mixed up with military, grunge, retro and office styles.

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