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2 August 2016

Baddie style

Baddie styleBaddie styleBaddie styleBaddie styleBaddie styleBaddie style

Cap – Sammydress
Slip dress – Sammydress
Jeans – Bershka
Jacket – Shein
Shoes – Primark
Choker – Chokeonit.nl

You might have heard of the phrase “baddie”. This noun is gaining popularity via Instagram because of the style that it represents. Baddie as in a bad girl who is someone super sexy in a boyish way by wearing caps and distressed denim but also mixes it up with super girly and/or sexy items like slip dresses and lingerie accents. The makeup and hair is always done to perfection to show off a more feminine side.

Satin and silk

Satin and silk are everywhere right now and I for one really like the feel of silky smooth fabrics like these. This sexy fabric turns your outfit into a man killer and no wonder because silk is one of the materials used when making sexy lingerie. To take it to the next level try to incorporate your lingerie style slip dresses into your everyday going out look. It can be controversial but it is becoming quite acceptable in the fashion world of today. For example the pajama trend which I love!

The look

I love pairing my slip dresses with denim. In this case a pale pink slip dress paired with light denim with some distressing is a perfect solution because it tones down the sexiness of a silky slip dress. To get this look to a baddie style add some sneakers or heels and a cap. These elements are the most iconic when going for the baddie style. To level it up a notch put on a satin bomber or any other style bomber (there are a lot of styles available right now!). This bomber is also a huge trend piece because of it’s satin fabric and embroidered details – a great alternative for patched bombers. On top of that most of the bombers are reversible, just like this one, which makes it even more versatile and usable.

Get the similar look:

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  1. Aida says:

    I’m purely inlove with this look of yours! Best of luck with the blog!


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