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26 August 2016

All white for summer

All white for summerAll white for summerAll white for summerAll white for summerAll white for summer

Blazer – Mango
Slip – Mango
Pants – Mango
Shoes – Mango

All white for summer (yes, summer is almost over but…)? Well of course! White is not only for a wedding when you are walking down the aisle as a bride. White is such a crisp and appropriate shade to wear for summer because it’s light, it’s fresh, it’s clean – maybe not for long if you sit on something dirty or spill food all over you – well you know what I mean by clean. White suits to everyone, it works with every skin tone (props when you have a tanned skin) and makes you look sophisticated and fresh. I know many try to stay away from all white because of the obvious reasons, like getting your outfit dirty or looking bigger than you normally are. This is all bunch of misunderstandings.

So let’s start with the simple one – getting dirty. It’s a legitimate fear but if you wear any other colors the fear should be the same. Do we get dirty wearing other colors? Not really. Unless you are a slob and tend to spill food on yourself more easily than the rest (I am guilty of that). So why would you panic for no reason, just treat your white look the same way as your colorful outfits. The second and the more important worry of wearing white – especially pants, is looking bigger than you actually are. Well I get it, we all want to look and be thinner. But that shouldn’t stop you from wearing white. All you need to know is what is a right fit and cut for your body shape. If you style your all white look right then you won’t be looking chubbier. As a matter of fact quite the opposite. I’m short, so wearing something with a pleat running through the middle of my leg would visually make me look taller and slimmer. Go for something that is long and straight lined like palazzo pants. Wearing something with a high waist would also make you look like you have longer legs (don’t forget to wear a heel/platform to extenuate your length even more). Having visual sewn on pockets on lighter pants can make your hips look wider, but if you like detail elements, go for a front double breasted button down effect that looks visually slimming. Also any exposed zippers are a nice touch. White jeans are the easiest to style, they pretty much go with everything. And yes, you can also wear skirts (pleated ones are extra popular now) shorts and dresses – as long as it doesn’t look like a wedding gown. But please do me a favor and NEVER EVER wear white leggings!

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