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30 August 2016

All black for summer

All black for summerAll black for summerAll black for summerAll black for summer

Top – Primark
Jacket – Nelly.com
Trousers – Zara
Shoes – Mango

All black outfits are long lasting classics in my opinion and probably in the eyes of many others. I’ve talked about all black outfits before, for example how to style and what to look out for when dressing in all black. There is no point of writing all this again because the basics stay the same. If you are interested you can read my previous posts HERE and HERE.

As the title states “All black for Summer” we need to stay realistic, summer is pretty much come and gone – not that there was really a summer in my opinion. As the darker shades are more for colder days I think it is a nice way to transition with more summery floaty items to the colder days of Autumn. Flowy black pants are the perfect way to keep a little of your summer trend with all the frills for Autumn. These pants in specific are extremely over done and next level which makes me love them even more. As you know I love statement pieces and these pants certainly are one. Usually statement pieces are more in your face and colorful or bold in some other way, but these are more subtle because of the black. However the super flareness of the bottoms makes an huge statement, almost to the point you might think its a skirt. The top part is very structured and high waisted which gives an illusion of a slimmer and taller shape. Pairing such a heavy bottom with a sheer top is a good way to go. With the lace up detailing you can push the outfit even further and add that little extra. For my all black outfits I love paying attention to detail and even if it is already quite outstanding outfit on it’s own, adding a subtle fishnet detail peeking out through the flares adds even more excitement.

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4 responses to “All black for summer”

  1. Söön su ära! Nii kaunis oled ja väga kihvt seeria!

  2. Cecilie Krog says:

    You look so gorgeous!


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