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26 August 2015

Hair care routine

So, ladies (and maybe boys?). Let’s talk about the hair on our heads. Having a hair obsession like most of the woman on our planet, I’ve decided to tell my hair story. Taking good care of your hair is important. No one likes to have a dead birds nest on their head – at least I don’t. And lets be honest, sitting at your workplace (or wherever) biting off the split ends of your dead hair, ain’t the cutest look. Coming from someone who has destroyed her hair over a decade, I have finally found my perfect hair care routine.

Firstly a short back story about my hair past. I’m a natural blonde with little potato tones running through my whole hair. I used to have extremely thick and healthy hair (who didn’t as a child right?!). Around the age of 14 years old I decided to start coloring my hair from the bottom portion of my head. First it was red then it went black. In between time I also tried “wash out” dye in darker shade. Well surely enough that was a massive mistake as I ended up with green hair for months. As I moved to the Netherlands I quickly decided to go all black (since I was the first blonde girl in the school I attended at the time…let me just say, I got waaaaay too much attention, and not in a good way). That was my first mistake. My hair grows really fast and keeping up with the root coverage was an expensive and a horrible job to have. And in my “smartness” I of course did the worst thing ever and dyed not just the roots, but the whole head. Needles to say that my hair was pretty damaged. On top of all the dying I also washed, blow dried and straightened my hair every day – with NO protection! In my 18’s I decided that it’s a prime time to go back to blonde. Got myself a box dye and went for it at home. Another HUGE mistake. Ended up of course, you guessed it, with orange/yellow hair. And did I know anything about toning my hair? NO. I suffered for a few months with my piss colored hair and then went to mahogany color. A few years later hmm, let me do this again, went lighter and decided for red hair that time around. Red stuck with me for half a year then I got bored and tired of keeping up and maintaining the vibrant color and went to light brown. As I was quite light, I thought maybe adding some stripes over my whole head could get me gradually to blonde. Well it did. A year later and 4 full head stripes later I had a lovely out grown ombre look. In that time I discovered my perfect hair care routine. But knowing me, I get so bored so fast, I wanted to try to achieve the platinum blonde. So I went for it. Got myself two boxes of platinum blonde dye and toner and voila, platinum blonde! Two weeks after that I toned my hair to silver/grey and that’s what I stuck with, at least for now. With all the bleaching I did damage my hair quite a bit. I also took a mission to get a new haircut and chopped off my “beautiful” Rapunzel hair to start from the beginning with the healthier thicker hair and with a hair care routine to accompany me along the way.

So let’s start!

Here is the before and after image of my new (hopefully healthier) hairdo.

1 2

This was my “short” hair story and my hair care routine, that has helped my dead locks to life again. If you are struggling with the same issues that I was, then this should hopefully help you as well. And if it does, then you are very welcome!

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