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14 September 2015

3 ways: Black blazer

Black blazer Black blazer Black blazer

Me and Holly, who is an absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous blogger from Hollylovesthesimplethings, have been working together on a project to create 3 looks by using the same clothing item. What makes this project even more interesting is to see how someone in their late teens and someone in their late twenties style the same item. As a blazer should be an essential in every girls or women’s closet, we decided that this was the perfect item to style. The blazer is such a versatile clothing item that can be easily dressed up or down and can be worn in any occasion. For my overall theme I went for a monochromatic look, because it’s something what I tend to gravitate towards 80% of the time when I don’t feel colorful. For my first look I knew for sure that I wanted to bring the muscular side to a woman and suit up from head to toe. With a sleek combed back hair and red lips, this look is point on and oozes sex appeal. Although this style isn’t working for everyone, it can be pulled off by a really confident woman. For my second look I played around with the fringe and lace up trend that is happening on the high street stores at the moment. The fringed leather skirt compliments the low cut sheer top perfectly and gives the perfect amount of cool vibe. In this case I laid the blazer over my shoulders to keep it as feminine and light looking as possible by showing part of my arms. For my final look I tried to give out more of the relaxed and youthful look that could be easily adapted to colder weather just by changing the open toe mules to ankle booties. Pairing the high neck sweater with overalls will make sure you stand out and not look completely boring. And by just going all-black with the look you will still stay classy and sophisticated. Patent heels and a tailored blazer will make sure you will still look feminine while wearing the overalls that usually are presumed to be quite childish. So here you are – my 3 ways of styling a black blazer and don’t forget to check out Holly’s post!

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